Initial Idea, Papers, Plans

Open Source Enterprise Architecture

I have chosen to write a draft for a paper dealing with the idea an concept of open source enterprise architecture.

The project will be initiated with the first paper. The paper will be based on a literature review. The literature review will include the following concepts and theories:

  1. Enterprise Architecture.
  2. Crowd-sourcing and open innovation.
  3. Management 2.0.
  4. Information systems theory.
  5. Systems thinking.

While I am dealing with these five concepts I will applying the hermeneutical circle. The hermeneutical is based upon the idea that the analyst would have to deal with his own hypothesis and assumptions on what the theory and texts deals with, but he should deal with the meaning of the sections of each of the selected texts and for that matter deal with the meaning of the whole texts in their context (time, culture, and history)

The analyst can go on, when he has an idea on the quality of the out come (analysis) e.g. if it is mature enough to go for making conclusions.

The approach has been illustrated below.

The approach